You often hear about engaged couples going to look at china patterns.  China is something that has passed down from generation to generation.  Our ancestors often had china that they only used on the most formal occasions.  If you are lucky, you have either inherited or found a complete china set that includes dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, and cups & saucers.

When purchasing antique dinnerware, there are a few key features that you should look for in order to determine if it is truly an antique.  Below you will find some step-by-step techniques to determining if a set is antique.

  • Be sure to examine the shape, pattern and quality of the china.  By researching the pattern or color, you may be able to determine who created the china.
  • Check the bottom of the plates for a stamp or mark of some type.  Manufacturers often used to place their symbol, the year or other notes on the bottom of dinnerware so you could determine important details.

By checking for the above items, you may be able to trace back the manufacturer and determine the exact year the china was created.  At Bon Vivant, we feature collectible items from some of the top designers and manufacturers of the past, including Minton, Meissen, Coalport, Royal Crown Derby, Wedgwood, Limoges, and many others.

Stop in today with your antique china and we can help you find its origin.