Although antique furniture typically gets lumped together, there are actually great differences in the styles and periods in which they were created. You can often guess the era in which an item was created due to its craftsmanship qualities. Chairs, tables, armoires, couches and cabinets are all highly sought after antique furniture pieces.
Below you will find information regarding American styles and periods of furniture:

American Styles
THE OAK AGE (1540-1660)
THE WALNUT AGE (1660-1730)
THE MAHOGANY AGE (1730- 1840)
VICTORIAN AGE (1830- 1901)

American Periods
Early Colonial 1625 to 1688
William and Mary 1688 to 1694
Dutch Colonial 1694 to 1702

Queen Anne 1702 to 1714
Chippendale 1714 to 1727
Early Federal 1790 to 1810
American Directoire 1798 to 1804
American Empire 1804 to 1815
Later Federal Period  1810 to 1830
Victorian Period 1837 to 1901