When you are shopping for antique rugs, you will often hear the terms “Oriental rugs” and “Persian rugs.”  Here at Bon Vivant, we are often asked by our customers what the difference is between the two.  A great deal of the namesake derives from the location in which the rug was made.  Oriental rugs come from parts of Asia such as Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal.  However, Persian rugs hail from the area that was once referred to as the Old Persian Empire.  It is tough to specifically give a location for Persia as the borders have changed many times throughout history.

When it comes to the craftsmanship of the rugs, there are also differences to be aware of.  Persian rugs are made using wool that is high in oil content to preserve it for thousands of years.  Another characteristic of Persian rugs are the small, tight, hand-tied knots throughout.  Oriental rugs are also handcrafted, but they are created using a different pattern.

An antique rug can add beautiful detail to a home whether you are using it as a wall covering or in a formal dining room.  When you stop in to Bon Vivant Antiques, we can show you the large selection of antique rugs we have available.  You will find a wide range of colors and patterns.